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Filtration Products, Equipment, and Services

Remove suspended solids from fluids to improve operational efficiency


Optimize fluid performance downhole

From the surface to the reservoir, the fluid system is the common element connecting all operational activities. Unwanted solids in suspension can reduce fluid performance downhole, delay progress, risk formation damage, and increase project costs. To optimize fluid purification, operational efficiency, and overall well performance, M-I SWACO offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of filtration products, equipment, and services.

Onshore or offshore, we can customize our filtration products, equipment, and services to meet project processing parameters and quality specifications. Our prevailing objective is the safest and most efficient removal of potentially damaging suspended solids from liquids, with minimal impact to the environment.

Filtration system

Our wide-ranging line of filtration technology is engineered to

  • improve recovery of completion fluids and brines
  • avoid blocked formation pores and perforations
  • prevent solids accumulation in the well annulus
  • safeguard the completion assembly from particle settlement
  • meet discharge compliance legislation
  • optimize well performance.

Our portfolio