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Lithium brine basin reports

Screen for lithium-rich brine resources by leveraging prebuilt basin models

Brand art for lithium production.

Demand for lithium

The demand for critical minerals has steadily increased as the globe transitions to cleaner energy sources. One of these critical minerals is lithium. To meet the growing demand for lithium through 2050, there is a need to both identify and develop new reserves and optimize production from existing sources.

Efficient identification of lithium-rich brine resources

New direct lithium extraction technologies and workflows make the production of lithium from brine possible in a fraction of the time of conventional techniques. And our 3D basin models built using available data—well logs, wireline porosity logs, temperature, geochemistry (including lithium concentration measurements), and historic basin evolution—provide static models of the estimated lithium resources in place to accelerate the exploration, extraction, and production of lithium.

  • Bypass the initial collection of geological and geophysical data for interpretation work
  • Jump-start identification of acreage positions
  • High-grade prospects with lithium sweet-spot mapping
  • More accurately assess the value of acreage
  • Plan initial field development
  • Estimate project development and operational costs
  • Leverage models for due diligence in resource assessments

Trusted insights based on almost a century of subsurface experience

Lithium brine basin model
Our 3D basin models provide a continuous lithium resource estimate that accelerates lithium development and production.

By your side every step of exploration

Working basins worldwide, our earth science experts have extensive knowledge analyzing, modeling, drilling, and producing resources from the subsurface. Now, we’re taking this global know-how and workflow efficiency and applying it to the exploration of lithium brine resources.

Our 3D basin models provide the insight you need.

In-place lithium volumes
Porosity cubes
Porosity-to-depth curves
Structure maps
Absolute stratigraphic ages

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Lithium, Clayton Valley, Nevada, Pilot Plant

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