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Rod lift

Maximize uptime with dependable rod lift equipment

Sucker rod pump.

Rely on advanced sucker rod pumping technology

SLB has decades of experience in rod lift applications. Located in major oil production regions worldwide, our teams offer specialized equipment, including hydraulic and beam pumping units, pump components, and spare parts.

We are committed to advancing sucker rod pumping performance through technology, innovation, a system engineering approach, and leadership in rod lift optimization and troubleshooting. Our offering remains highly cost effective—ensuring that you benefit from the best-possible lift solution for your application.

To demonstrate our commitment to quality, we maintain applicable API monograms, manufacturing licenses, and third-party certifications across our portfolio of products. 

Sucker rod pumping technology for rod lift applications.

Choose rod pumps and surface pumping units to match your well or field requirements

Our fully integrated reciprocating rod pumps and conventional, enhanced, and hydraulic surface pumping units fit any well conditions.

Your success is backed by Schlumberger’s long history in high-performance technology and our experienced personnel.

Minimize production costs with a comprehensive range of hydraulic and beam pumping units designed to suit various well conditions and environments.

Select the optimal downhole pump for your application to eliminate gas interference, solids damage, and high-viscosity fluids.

Improve lifetime performance with maximum-quality manufacturing from Schlumberger.

Protect your rod lift pumps from solids during production by cleaning fluid flow