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Surface Pumping Units

Industry-leading pumping units proven for generations

Sucker rod pump.

Maximize uptime with field-proven, time-tested technology

Schlumberger surface pumping equipment incorporates extensive field experience into proven designs. We offer a comprehensive range of both beam and hydraulic pumping units designed to suit various well conditions and environments.

Choose robust, low-maintenance beam pumping units

As with all Schlumberger offerings, our beam pumping units focus on quality—from the base metallurgy and raw steel through field service and support. As opposed to low-quality units that require major component replacement after just 3 years, increasing overall cost and downtime, our high-quality beam pumping units have almost 100% uptime over 10 years, minus preventive maintenance.

Improve efficiency with flexibility and automation

Hydraulic pumping units (HPUs) offer a small footprint, quick installation, and the ability to easily adjust stroke speed and length, either onsite or remotely using automation. Hydraulic pumping units provide flexibility that translates into reduced cyclic stress, improved gas compression ratio, and minimized downtime and workovers—regardless of your well condition.

SLB Surface Pumping Units
Enhance your pump lifetime with quality manufacturing

When you need solutions for the long run, choose Schlumberger advanced sucker rod pumping performance.

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