Enhanced-geometry pumping unit

Sucker rod pump.

Reduce lifting costs

The TorqMax enhanced-geometry pumping unit is an alternative to a conventional pumping unit. For certain rod pump applications, it can help improve torque utilization by 15% to 20% and lower prime mover horsepower requirements, thus reducing lifting costs.

The primary differences between the TorqMax unit and conventional geometry units are as follows:

  • The structure of the TorqMax unit is shifted forward from the gear reducer toward the wellhead, whereas on the conventional-geometry unit, the center of the equalizer bearing shaft sits directly over the center of the slow-speed shaft of the gear reducer.
  • The crankpin holes are placed at an offset or phased angle on the crank arm of the TorqMax unit but run parallel to the crank arm on a conventional-geometry unit. Maximum torque is applied in the stroke sooner in the phase for maximum benefit.
  • To maximize the effect of the advanced geometry, the TorqMax unit must always rotate clockwise, while a conventional unit can run in either direction of rotation.

The TorqMax unit is stocked in a variety of sizes to meet your specific application.

TorqMax enhanced geometry pumping unit.

Easy installation makes it as simple as a conventional unit, and it delivers the same 25-year service life with proper maintenance.