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High-resolution dual caliper

Cased hole logging tool

The high-resolution dual caliper, fragment.

Accurately detect inner pipe corrosion with real-time precision

The high-resolution dual caliper accurately pinpoints various types of defects in downhole tubulars, completion components, and casings. This breakthrough capability is enabled by innovative engineering design that integrates an 80-finger arrangement in a 2 1/8-in-OD tool. This one-size tool covers a range of pipe sizes without compromising radial accuracy.

The tool can run in any well deviation and delivers real-time answers powered by a digital cloud platform that links the wellsite to your desktop, tablet, or laptop. With direct access to the most accurate information available, you have the best inputs to design the next intervention operation.

The high-resolution dual caliper, fragment.
The high-resolution dual caliper features 80 fingers that provide inner pipe coverage to increase the chances of detecting small defects.

Performance for the best intervention plans

  • Identify corrosion defects
  • Find pinholes
  • Distinguish defects due to mechanical erosion or sand jetting
  • Locate pipe deformation
  • Reveal solids deposition, such as scale and wax
  • Confirm completion component profile and open-close status
  • Monitor time-lapse corrosion

All-in-one solution: an industry first

  • Multifinger caliper tool: doesn't require different OD tools for specific pipe sizes; provides coverage for pipe sizes from 2 5/8 in to 10 in, with 80 fingers engineered within a 2 1/8-in-OD tool
  • Efficiency: allows evaluation of multiple pipes in one descent
  • Versatile conveyance options: e-line, slickline, or coiled tubing
  • Compatibility with SLB cased hole logging technologies: combinable with other logging technologies
  • Real-time cloud processing: enabled by new digital hardware and infrastructure
The high-resolution dual caliper.
High-resolution dual caliper.

Multifinger caliper tool powered by a digital cloud: how it works

The high-resolution dual caliper deploys an array of hard-surfaced fingers that accurately measure the inner radii even in harsh downhole conditions. Eccentricity effects are minimized by the equal azimuthal spacing of the fingers and a special processing algorithm. For highly deviated wells, powerful motorized centralizers ensure effective centering. The caliper's multimodular architecture allows adapting the tool to different surface rig-up height constraints or downhole conditions by removing one of the 40-caliper modules if needed.

The caliper's data acquisition and processing are supported by a digital cloud, which visualizes information while logging is still underway at the wellsite. This allows reviewing early results across critical zones and deciding on the next operation. Advanced algorithms allow multiple end users to work on the data in parallel without each end user needing to upload or download data. The cloud platform also enables quick look answers for maximum penetration, burst pressure per joint, and minimum inner diameter. The tool can run in real-time or memory mode and can perform a range of corrosion or pipe defect diagnostic.

High-Resolution Dual Caliper Specifications
Internal casing image from multiple internal radius measurements
Logging speed
1,800 ft/h [549 m/h]
ID range
2 5/8—10 in [66.675—254 mm]
Vertical resolution
0.1 in
Inner radius resolution
0.002 in
Inner radius accuracy
0.02 in
Relative bearing accuracy

Borehole fluid limitation
NACE compliant, sour rated
20,000 psi [138 MPa]
347 degF [175 degC]
Tool OD
2.125 in [53.97 mm]
8.6 ft [2.6 m]
89.17 lbm [40.5 kg]
9,892 lbf [44,000 N]
Dogleg severity
30°/100 ft

All specifications are subject to change without notice.
* For one section of 40 calipers without active centralizers