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Production Systems

Expertise, systems, and tools for optimal outcomes and maximum yield

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Production is about bringing a well to life and sustaining it for as long as feasibly possible. That takes soundly planned, accurately executed techniques with precision equipment to keep coaxing oil and gas from the rock in which they've stubbornly waited for millions of years.

That's where SLB production expertise, systems, and tools come in. We have curious, dedicated, and hard-working teams with an inventory of equipment, products, and processes designed to unlock subterranean assets and sustain production, whether onshore or offshore.

The future is on—reduce your infrastructure and energy requirements while maximizing hydrocarbon recovery

Measurement of injected fluids and multiphase well production

Proven high reliability and premium sealing for standard and critical applications

Industry-leading, reliable systems that increase recovery for the life of your field

Customized technologies and services to achieve ultimate valve control and well safety