H2I Internal Body Needle-and-Seat Choke | SLB


Internal body needle-and-seat choke

Drilling chokes in the field.

Internally threaded body and a retained bonnet closure

Similar to H2 needle-and-seat chokes, two configurations are available for H2I chokes:

  • Positive chokes provide a fixed flow condition with a large selection of available bean sizes and types.
  • Adjustable chokes provide variable flow rates, but can be locked into position if a fixed flow rate is required.


  • H2I chokes are available in 2-in and 3-in nominal sizes.
  • Patented bleed screw assembly requires the operator to safely vent the body pressure before the bonnet assembly can be removed.
  • Each body (positive or adjustable configuration) is equipped with a port for monitoring or venting pressure.
  • Acme threads can be cleaned and inspected easily on both the bonnet assembly and body.
  • Bleed screw assembly provides metal-to-metal sealing.
  • Choke is designed and manufactured in accordance with API Spec 6A, including performance verification testing for PR-2 level chokes.
  • Choke body is forged.
  • Retained bonnet closure improves operator safety
  • Operation and maintenance are easy.
H2I Internal Body Needle-and-Seat Choke