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Real-time downhole fluid analysis

InSitu Fluid Analyzer

Real-time fluid answers from a downhole laboratory

By investigating fluids at their source, you gain a deeper insight into fluid composition and distribution for improving your understanding of the reservoir. The InSitu Fluid Analyzer™ real-time downhole fluid analysis system is more than just a wireline tool; it is essentially a fully functioning laboratory downhole that provides real-time comprehensive representative characterization of reservoir fluids at reservoir conditions. The system integrates InSitu™ downhole quantitative properties measurements, which features various sensors. Along with flowline pressure and temperature, the modular downhole fluid analysis portfolio includes a wide range of metrology.

Side model of the Ora intelligent wireline formation testing platform.
Real-time downhole fluid analysis is easily integrated with the Ora™ intelligent wireline formation testing platform.

Modular downhole fluid analysis

Fluid properties measurement Sensor
Fluid properties measurement Hydrocarbon composition (C1–C6+)
Oil-based mud (OBM) filtrate contamination
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid composition sensor
Fluid properties measurement Gas/oil ratio (GOR)
Gas/condensate ratio (GCR)
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid GOR and CGR sensor
Fluid properties measurement Live-oil density and viscosity  Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid density and viscosity sensor
Fluid properties measurement Hydrocarbon viscosity
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid viscosity sensor
Fluid properties measurement Flowline resistivity monitoring
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid resistivity sensor
Fluid properties measurement CO2 content
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid CO2 sensor
Fluid properties measurement Color measurement via the
20-channel filter array spectrometer
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid color sensor
Fluid properties measurement Free-gas detection
Dewpoint precipitation in retrograde gas condensates
Downhole fluorescence
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid fluorescence sensor
Fluid properties measurement pH of water: aquifer, connate,
injection, or water-based mud (WBM) filtrate
Sensor InSitu reservoir fluid pH sensor

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