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InSitu Fluorescence

Reservoir fluid fluorescence sensor

Representation of fluid sampling at the reservoir

Single-phase assurance and fluid typing

The InSitu Fluorescence reservoir fluid fluorescence sensor of the InSitu Fluid Analyzer system detects free gas bubbles and retrograde condensate liquid dropout for single-phase assurance during downhole fluid analysis (DFA) and sample collection. Fluid type is also identified. The resulting fluid phase information is especially useful for defining the difference between retrograde condensates and volatile oils, which can have similar gas/oil ratios (GORs) and live-oil densities.

Phase status in real time

Because the fluorescence measurement is also sensitive to liquid precipitation in a condensate gas when the flowing pressure falls below the dewpoint, it can be used to monitor phase separation in real time to ensure the collection of representative single-phase samples.

InSitu Fluorescence sensor
Downhole reflection and dual fluorescence measurements provide assurance that the reservoir fluid is in single phase before DFA and sampling.