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Decarbonizing customer operations

Helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint

Land operations
In addition to decarbonizing our operations and investing in new energy technology ventures, a key part of our strategy to advance sustainability within our industry is developing technologies and services that help our customers reduce their environmental footprint across the exploration and production (E&P) life cycle.
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Transition Technologies™ portfolio

Launched in support of our journey towards net zero, our Transition Technologies portfolio encompasses 34 products and services across the upstream and midstream oil and gas value chains. Each technology can measurably help our customers reduce emissions and environmental footprint compared with industry-standard alternatives. In 2023, this portfolio helped our customers avoid over 830,000 metric tons of CO2e greenhouse gas emissions. The portfolio continues to expand as we further embed sustainability into our research and development processes and build our understanding of the biggest environmental impact reduction opportunities in oil and gas operations.

Measure, monitor, report, and eliminate methane and flaring emissions
Focusing on the immediate challenge of methane and routine flaring, SLB End-to-end Emissions Solutions (SEES) offers an extensive selection of services and cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with solutions to reduce these emissions. Through measuring, monitoring, and reporting tools and expertise, we help to plan, measure, and act—quickly and effectively.
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    Environmental Impact Quantification
    Drive high performance while showing tangible footprint reduction

    Support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with proven impact-reducing Transition Technologies. View

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    Decarbonize Drilling and Completions
    Build upstream oil and gas infrastructure with a lower carbon footprint

    Reduce the footprint of oil and gas operations. View

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    Eliminate Methane and Flaring Emissions
    Decarbonize operations by addressing large sources of greenhouse gases

    Start with a plan, the right technologies, and a partner you can trust. View

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    Decarbonize Oil and Gas Production
    Leverage technologies and solutions that reduce GHG emissions per barrel produced

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