Rock and Fluid Analysis Services

Integrating the digital and physical to drive modeling and interpretation

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Complete range of digitally integrated wellsite and laboratory analytical services for conventional and unconventional reservoirs

The accurate measurement of fluid and rock properties is critical to maximize recovery and optimize production for the life of your reservoir. Across inscrutable shale plays to the harshest environments, our reservoir laboratory services provide analysis and interpretation toward solving your unique challenges.

From physical measurements to digital analysis, our broad spectrum of rock and fluid analysis services employs the latest technology and industry-leading software. Wellsite services provide you with the earliest answers, followed by the insight delivered through automated rock and fluid screening, routine and special core analysis, geomechanics and enhanced oil recovery measurements, and fluid analysis for aqueous and hydrocarbon geochemistry and production chemicals. In turn, we integrate the physical and digital rock and fluid analyses to create a 3D reservoir model that enables you to accurately and efficiently predict reservoir dynamics.

This digital, integrated approach improves your access, synthesis, and understanding of previously individual reservoir datasets, enabling you to make more meaningful decisions throughout the life of your reservoir.

Reservoir Sampling and Analysis

Core Analysis

Full core evaluation services for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs

Fluid Analysis

Reservoir-representative fluid-property measurements and expert data interpretation

Downhole Fluid Analysis

Real-time fluid answers with in situ representativity

Wellsite Analysis

Pressure, volume, and temperature insight within 8 hours