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Digital rock analysis

Accelerate field development with digital SCAL

Digital special core analysis

Physical and digital analysis, combined like never before

Digital special core analysis (digital SCAL) provides digital rock and fluid analytics services that help you integrate digital rock analysis, physical analysis, and fluid analysis, creating a 3D reservoir model that lets you rapidly simulate flow performance under different production scenarios.

Digital rock analysis gives petroleum engineers a unique look into the pore spaces of rocks by combining experimental and numerical studies that help evaluate fluid transport and petrophysical properties at pore scale. Technical evolution and the integration of processes have enabled digital rock analysis to effectively replace long-duration laboratory core testing with digital tests that are up to 100 times faster.

Digital SCAL extends the data provided by routine core analysis to deliver better insights into individual wells and overall reservoir performance. This all-in-one approach uses physical laboratory measurements to refine reservoir simulation, which enables accurate measurement of relative permeability, capillary pressure, net present value, and other parameters that are vital to optimal reservoir engineering.

  • Reservoir characterization
  • Sensitivity studies
  • Special core analysis
  • Petrophysical analysis
  • Direct hydrodynamic pore flow simulation
  • Tight carbonate model simulation
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

Integrating multiple measurements

As part of SLB digital SCAL services, DHD™ direct hydrodynamics pore flow simulation helps to simulate fluid flow through porous media by integrating digital measurements.

Provides core analysis on all scales from cuttings to whole core
Provides digital measurements in places where physical measurements are not possible
Accounts for multiphysics phenomena in complex processes
Increases reservoir model upscaling efficiency
Verifiable via minimal physical measurements (where applicable)
Digital Special Core Analysis (SCAL)
SLB uses digital special core analysis (SCAL) to take actual physical core measurements and digitally replicate them to simulate testing for multiple scenarios.