Wireline cased hole logging

Comprehensive cased hole services to optimize lifetime production

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Understand the well and the reservoir rock and fluids

Whether you need engineered perforating, production or crosswell logging, or well integrity evaluation, our comprehensive cased hole logging services make sure your wells can continue to reach their full production potential, year in, year out.

From evaluating new wells that were cased to address borehole instability—especially in laterals and shale reservoirs—to finding bypassed pay and optimizing reservoir management for producing wells, you need representative measurements. Casing is no longer a barrier to obtaining representative, openhole-quality logging data. And rigless wireline logging efficiently avoids disrupting drilling operations. With accurate information about the well and the reservoir rock and fluid contents, you'll be able to minimize risk, such as by proactively identifying and fixing problems encountered during completion and production.

Products and services

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