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Pipeline integrity services and solutions

For hydrogen, CO2, water, and oil and natural gas pipelines

Artwork depicting pipelines crossing mountainous terrain.

Pipeline integrity management

During their lifetime, pipeline systems are susceptible to a variety of integrity challenges due to theft, excavation activity, geohazards, and internal corrosion. A damaged pipeline is a highly undesirable event that can have significant financial, environmental, and reputational impact. Integrated pipeline integrity systems are proving extremely valuable for preventing malicious and accidental damage as well as for leak detection, including in high-consequence zones, such as populated regions and areas near wildlife or bodies of water, enabling regulatory compliance.

Our pipeline integrity solutions enable you to operationalize acquired data, providing actionable insights so that you can move from a reactive to a proactive approach. Digitally enabled workflows combine historical and real-time data to predict and mitigate threats that jeopardize continuing pipeline operations. You have access to contextualized data contributing to the event of interest; understanding the risks enables you to prioritize actions and address challenges in a timely manner.

Fiber-optic pipeline solutions

Leveraging our Optiq™ fiber-optic solutions, operators can perform accurate leak detection, pig tracking, and geohazard assessments while protecting pipelines from third-party intrusions. We can also provide computational solutions for leak detection, flow assurance, and corrosion monitoring in pipelines carrying single-phase or multiphase fluids. Using 24/7 monitoring in real time and the latest technology to locate events with pinpoint accuracy, our pipeline integrity systems can help protect your license to operate, optimize your resources, and maximize uptime of your assets.

Vibroacoustic pipeline monitoring system

Developed by Eni for continuous monitoring of oil and gas pipelines in real time, the retrofittable e-vpms® Eni vibroacoustic pipeline monitoring system is ideal in situations where fiber-optic infrastructure is limited. Multiple sensors are deployed at discrete distances along the pipeline for leak and theft detection, pig tracking, earthquake monitoring, and hydrostatic and pneumatic testing.

Pipeline chemicals and services

We have an extensive range of specialty chemicals and services for pipelines. Our portfolio includes corrosion mitigation chemicals for pipeline suspensions or abandonments (commissioning and decommissioning), pipeline cleaning and drying chemicals, tracer dyes, chemicals for hydrostatic testing, and additives for flow optimization.

Valves for pipelines

Our valves are used to direct and control the flow of fluids as they move through flowlines, gathering lines, and transmission systems to their destinations.


e-vpms is a mark of Eni.

Using distributed fiber-optic acoustic, temperature, vibration, and strain sensing

Retrofittable sensor solution for pipeline leak and theft detection

For leak detection, chemical pigging and cleaning, and integrity

Including fluorescent dyes, inorganic ions, and aromatic acids

A diverse portfolio of products for a wide range of fluids