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Purification of gas & liquid streams

Chemicals for selective removal of H2S or mercury

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Protecting production, your assets, and the environment

We supply chemical products to remove contaminants from a variety of gas and liquid streams.

Our industry-leading, cost-effective adsorbents for the selective removal of H2S or mercury are used in fixed-bed processes that are simple and easy to operate and require minimal user attention. During the adsorption process, gas or liquid flows through the adsorbent media, and the contaminant chemically reacts with the media to form a stable by-product. The flexibility of the fixed-bed process enables the system to adapt to variations in process conditions. Product consumption depends only on the amount of contaminant that passes through the bed.

Liquid H2S scavengers can be applied as a solution in bubble towers for gas treatment or via direct liquid injection. A wide range of triazine, aldehyde, and non-nitrogen products are available.

SLB experts can help you select the most appropriate technology and product for your application, based on the process conditions and operational requirements.

Products and Services

  • Worker in field wearing hydrogen sulfide mask protection
    Liquid H2S Scavengers
    For gas, water, and oil streams

    Reduce production risk and improve returns. View

  • SULFATREAT product in jar
    H2S removal adsorbents

    Remove harmful H2S from liquid and water-saturated gas streams. View

  • SELECT product in lab jar
    Hydrogen sulfide removal adsorbent

    Mixed-metal-oxides-based adsorbents to remove harmful H2S from liquid and dry and water-saturated gas streams. View

  • Treatment vessel containing SELECT Hg mercury removal adsorbent bed.
    Mercury removal adsorbents

    Advanced materials for the treatment of gas and liquid streams. View

  • mercury removal
    Activated Carbon Odor Control
    Adsorbents to remove odoriferous contaminants from natural gas

    Control odor with one universal solution. View

  • Drone shot of onshore production facility.
    H2S Removal from Biogas
    Sulfatreat Bio adsorbents

    Higher H2S removal capacity compared with activated carbon. View