Activated Carbon Odor Control | SLB

Activated carbon odor control

Adsorbents to remove odoriferous contaminants from natural gas

Blue and clear balls entering a translucent cube, blue ones are retained and clear ones flow out.

Regulate odor from byproducts, VOCs, and trace contaminants

Used for universal odor absorption, SulfaTreat™ AC-100 hydrogen sulfide removal adsorbent is a granular activated carbon that traps contaminants present in gas, preventing them from entering the atmosphere.

Mercury removal

Specially manufactured to remove odoriferous byproducts, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other trace contaminants from gas.

Product consumption depends on the amount of contaminants passing through the bed, economically matching the need for odor removal with varying system flow conditions. Upstream of the vessels, free liquids are removed from the gas by an inlet separator, filter coalescer, or both.

Support for recycling and disposal

Catalyst-handling specialists are recommended for changeouts. Our experts can help you determine the best option for recycling or disposing of spent material. Disposal routes are well established, and personnel are available for onsite installation and removal support, as required.