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Geothermal energy

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Countries around the world are looking down new paths for dependable energy. SLB offers a wide range of geothermal solutions—from geothermal power to heating and cooling for buildings.

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Geothermal power

Working in the subsurface for more than 100 years, SLB is proud to be a part of 80% of the world’s geothermal power projects. Our GeothermEx™ geothermal consulting services cover the full spectrum of geothermal operations. We also leverage our digital, well construction, and field development expertise and fit-for-purpose technologies to plan and execute your project. Together, we’ll make sustainable energy accessible.

Global geothermal power
The ~16 GW of geothermal power currently installed is just the tip of the iceberg—the global capacity potential is estimated by IHS Markit to be nearly 20× more. (Source: ThinkGeoEnergy Research, 2022)
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Geothermal heating and cooling

Geothermal energy also brings powerful solutions to heat and cool in a whole new way. A form of shallow geothermal energy—called geoenergy—provides low-carbon heating and cooling for buildings.

About 70% of the thermal energy a building needs is waiting to be uncovered right below us. Tapping into this geoenergy takes tools to access it and the expertise to make it reality. Our Celsius Energy™ geoenergy heating and cooling solution uses advanced technologies to maximize heating and cooling for buildings. Together, we can harness this sustainable energy source and reduce your overall energy consumption and emissions.

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