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Power Systems and Cables

Power and protection for ESPs and surface pumping systems

VSD SpeedStar.

Deliver reliable pumping power and protection

Optimize production by increasing system run life with our complete line of surface power systems, cables, and motor lead extensions designed to provide reliable power and protection.

The product line includes

  • variable speed drives that enable pumps to perform across a wider operating range than typical by varying their speed
  • fixed speed drives in low- to medium-voltage switchboards that provide motor control, protection, and monitoring
  • project engineering, data delivery, and manufacturing capabilities that improve surface power performance
  • onsite electric submersible pump (ESP) controllers that eliminate the need for multiple surface components
  • customizable ESP cables for specific downhole conditions
  • motor lead extensions with durable insulation.

Power Systems and Cables

Cables and Connectors

Cables with fully annealed, high-conductivity copper and tin and lead-alloy-coated conductors for additional protection against corrosion; motor lead extension designs that combine installation simplicity and downhole performance.

  • REDA ESP Cables
    Reda ESP pump system cables
    High-integrity power cables

    Choose customizable ESP cables for specific downhole conditions, including high-temperature, gassy, and corrosive wells. View

  • Trident extreme conditions motor lead extension.
    Extreme-conditions motor lead extension

    Minimize cable manipulation that can lead to internal damage to ensure long-term performance in high-power-demand ESP applications. View

KUDU Equipment

Electric and hydraulic power units and driveheads that help you derive maximum benefit from your KUDU progressing cavity pump.

  • KUDU internal hydrodynamic brake drivehead
    KUDU internal hydrodynamic brake drivehead

    Control backspin and eliminate with a self-contained, automatic hydrodynamic brake. View

  • KUDU Drivehead VHGH 9.3
    KUDU drivehead
    Hydraulic or electric power system for PCP installations

    Enhance installations in heavy to light oil, gas dewatering, and thermal operations with up to 200 hp. View

  • KUDU power unit.
    KUDU power unit
    Electric and hydraulic power source for PCPs

    Enable individual or multiple well production with electrically or hydraulically powered units. View

Complete line of electrical equipment and engineering services to protect and control applications involving ESPs and surface pumping systems.