Trident Extreme-Conditions Motor Lead Extension | SLB


Extreme-conditions motor lead extension

VSD SpeedStar
Temperature rating: –40 to 450 degF [–40 to 232 degC]
1AWG solid copper or 4AWG solid copper
6 1/4-in [16-cm] motor head OD compatible with 7 5/8-in [19-cm] and larger casings and pods
Max. voltage: 5,000 V

Minimize cable manipulation to extend run life

Maximize electric submersible pump (ESP) system reliability with the Trident extreme-conditions motor lead extension (MLE), an innovative, robust design that uses advanced materials to ensure long-term, dependable performance in the most high-power-demand and run-life-critical applications. 

The Trident MLE comprises three PEEK-insulated, copper conductor cable leads that plug directly into the motor through individual connectors. This design minimizes the cable manipulations usually required during the manufacturing and assembly processes. Such additional manipulations can lead to undetectable insulation microcracks and internal damage, which can reduce system reliability.

Protect cables and pothead connectors from mechanical damage

The high current-carrying capacity of Trident MLE single-core conductors enables higher horsepower with lower stator voltages and less insulation stress than previously possible. By securing the leads tightly within the OD of the system, the Trident MLE ensures that cables and pothead connectors are protected from mechanical impact and damage while the system is being lowered in the well.

Trident Extreme Conditions Motor Lead Extension
Three Trident MLEs are installed on an ESP motor. The robust, field-proven design of the Trident MLE and the simple plug-and-play installation ensure superior reliability and longer ESP run life.