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Reduce uncertainty in your E&P workflows by integrating seismic and nonseismic data, measurements, and methods

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By complementing seismic information with multiphysics (gravity, magnetics, electromagnetics, and magnetotellurics) data, we offer an industry-leading set of solutions ranging from onshore data acquisition of electromagnetic and potential field data to multiphysics workflows.

These workflows integrate seismic data and other measurements for subsurface imaging and reservoir characterization studies via proprietary simultaneous or petrophysical joint inversions. This integration process reduces the uncertainty of the solutions and provides truly integrated earth models.

Center of Excellence for Integrated Electromagnetics

At the WesternGeco Center of Excellence for Integrated EM in Milan, Italy, our experts focus on finding new ways of accelerating our customers' hydrocarbon discovery. We do this by quickly deploying crews for onshore electromagnetic acquisition, using high performance compute resources to efficiently process data, and developing strong strategic relationships that result in customer-focused technical solutions.

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