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Geophysical interpretation software

WinGLink Geophysical Interpretation Software

WinGLink is a multidisciplinary software program developed to process, interpret, and integrate several geophysical disciplines in a unified and integrated environment.

Primarily focused on magnetotelluric data processing and modeling, for which it is the recognized worldwide industry standard, WinGLink includes processing and modeling applications for gravity and magnetic data as well as the capability to post information from vertical or deviated wells on maps and cross-sections to add model constraints

WinGLink uses a common graphic interface for database creation, project generation, coordinate conversion, data and model import and export, and application launch. Each application includes dedicated features for each geophysical data type.

Elevation map
Elevation map.
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Magnetotellurics (MT) polarization map
Magnetotellurics (MT) polarization map.

Supported domains and workflows

WinGlink covers the nonseismic geophysical interpretation workflow, from field data acquisition to the modeling of multiple domains. The supported domains are magnetotellurics (MT), time-domain electromagnetics (TDEM), and DC resistivity for what concerns EM and gravity and magnetic for potential fields. Wells and cultural data are also available.

The MT method supports the full workflow from data visualization and preconditioning to 1D and 2D forward and inversion modeling. The 3D MT modeling module provides all the necessary tools to build, refine, and populate the 3D resistivity mesh that is used by the 3D finite-difference forward-modeling engine to compute the synthetic MT soundings. The forward-modeling engine is designed to run on a Windows desktop system.

2D MT forward and inversion modeling
2D MT forward and inversion modeling.

For the controlled-source EM (CSEM), TDEM, and DC resistivity methods, WinGLink provides data visualization and preconditioning tools and 1D modeling capabilities. 

Gravity and magnetics methods are covered by data analysis workflow (filtering, derivatives, and transforms) and by an interactive 2.5D forward and inversion modeling tool.


WinGLink provides access to the domain’s data through a set of modules with a shared look and feel and integrating data into a unique interpretation layer.

Display surfaces and extract domain-specific data attributes.

Display, edit, and perform the 1D modeling workflow of MT, CSEM, TDEM, and DC stations.

Create and display MT and CSEM attribute pseudosections for observed, simulated, and normalized data.

Integrate wells information with 1D, 2D, and 3D modeled resistivity distribution.

Occam and 2D resistivity distribution model sections compared with wells and 1D models
Occam and 2D resistivity distribution model sections compared with wells and 1D models.

2D modeling
Run interactive 2D modeling for MT, gravity, and magnetic domains.

3D modeling
Build a 3D resistivity distribution model and run the 3D forward modeling on your Windows machine.

Interpreted views
Efficiently present data, models, and result interpretation in a unique and complete report.

Obtain support for the field acquisition of MT, time domain, and gravity data.

Horizontal and vertical section of a resistivity distribution model
Horizontal and vertical section of a resistivity distribution model.
MT apparent resistivity and phase pseudosections
MT apparent resistivity and phase pseudosections.

How to Purchase

A WinGLink license supports diverse geophysical disciplines in an integrated package.

A USB dongle, preprogrammed for licensed modules, is required to run the WinGLink package. The program can be installed and run without the dongle but only in demo mode (for viewing and using databases but without the options of creating, saving, or printing).

WinGLink installation programs and upgrades can be downloaded directly from our Support Portal.

For more details on how to purchase WinGLink, contact us.