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Guidelines for Existing Suppliers

Supply in the Field

Procurement Cycle and Requirements

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Our aim is to provide existing and potential suppliers the same opportunity to compete openly and fairly through sourcing events.

Once awarded, we notify our suppliers of any request for delivery of products or services via a purchase order (PO). The PO is the primary purchasing method employed by SLB, and you need a valid, preapproved PO before delivering goods or services, or submitting an invoice. SLB reserves the right to reject an invoice without a valid PO, indicating approved types, quantities, and agreed prices for the associated products or services. Advantages of adopting the purchase order process are:

Throughout the source-to-pay process, we utilize digital capabilities to exchange documents and information with suppliers as well as to monitor compliance. Suppliers are expected to fully adopt the digital solutions as indicated by SLB.

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How to participate in new sourcing opportunities

The official SLB tool for receiving supplier offers is Ariba Sourcing. This is a web-based application that allows suppliers to respond to any request for information and participate in the sourcing opportunities. It enables online collaboration and exchange of information.

To enable the use of Ariba Sourcing, you require an Ariba Standard account (no cost to set up). All proposals and quotations received are evaluated based on quality, service, and compliance to specifications and price. All awards are made to match the best interest of the company.

Suppliers Responding to a RFx on the Ariba Network - Part 1


Suppliers Responding to a RFx on the Ariba Network - Part 2


Suppliers Responding to a RFx via Excel Document

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How to transact via purchase order

Once you are an awarded vendor, you will be fully onboarded to receive purchase orders.

SLB is in the process of implementing a single SAP solution across the entire organization. Ariba Network will become the primary channel for the interactions throughout the procure-to-pay process. Exceptions and deployment information will be communicated by your supply chain point of contact.

Once your account is set up, you will be able to receive purchase orders from the Ariba Network.

When a PO is issued, you will receive an email with a link to the system. For non-SAP deployed regions, other purchasing systems are used in a similar manner.

It is very important to acknowledge the purchase order in the system to confirm that the services, goods, or both can be provided as per required dates, quantities, and description. Incoterms and Point of Delivery shall also be very clear to determine buyer and seller responsibilities.

Legacy systems:

You will receive an email from SWPS (the SLB web procurement system) or Oracle. Once you’ve clicked the link, your browser will open a window for acknowledgement of the order.

Logistics carriers

You will receive an email from the Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) system and similarly will be able to review the orders and acknowledge.

What is changing for SAP-deployed regions?

Ariba Network account is required to receive purchase orders, submit invoices, credit memos, and track payment status. Make sure this is communicated to your organization to ensure all parties are aligned with the changes.

Tip 1: Create a shared mailbox for PO emails and add qualified users to manage your interactive emails from Ariba.

Tip 2: Do not delete your interactive emails, especially if using a standard free account.

Tip 3: As an Ariba Network supplier, you have two choices for Ariba Network accounts. The Ariba Network Standard version is free and sufficient to transact with SLB. The Enterprise account offers advanced capabilities, but additional fees apply, and these are not covered by SLB.

Ariba - Register and Send an Order Confirmation
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How to deliver your goods and services

If the Purchase Order Incoterms indicate that it is the responsibility of SLB to arrange for delivery, once the order is ready, the supplier can send the advance shipping notice to SLB. For SAP-deployed regions, advanced shipping notices can be shared via Ariba Network. Multiple ship notices per purchase order might be sent. NOTE: An actual or estimated shipping date is required on all ship notices.

Delivery terms and other transportation details can be included on all advance ship notices to support a broader range of shipping information.

All suppliers are expected to adhere to international or regional agreements as appropriate. All vendors are responsible for providing appropriate documentation such as manufacturing origin certifications for duty relief.

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Invoice compliance

The following video describes the minimum invoicing requirements for suppliers. It is important for suppliers to submit compliant invoices to avoid payment delays or invoice rejection.

Invoice Compliance
Outlining invoice procedures and guidelines