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Tailored digital solutions from the edge to enterprise, addressing current operational demands and paving the way for a more resilient future

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Best-in-class digital production solutions

Around the globe, production managers, engineers, and operators face the ongoing challenge of balancing conflicting objectives related to throughput, cost, and emissions reduction.

At SLB, we collaborate closely with you, aiming to save the most valuable resource of all—time. Our focus extends beyond addressing equipment downtime, to tackling the hidden inefficiencies ingrained in our outdated work processes. These range from extensive travel to remote sites, to the burdensome exchange of emails across departments before confident decisions can be made. This can lead to circumstances where production is deferred for days or situations where trusted models take months to be constructed.

While digital technologies hold immense promise, many successful pilots struggle to transition to scale. We can help you to overcome factors such as the cost of change, data, workflow silos, limited perceived value, and perceived high risk, to unlock the full promise of digital.

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Anticipate and execute the tasks that matters the most with edge computing—in real time, in time, all the time

Ensure uninterrupted production operations, mitigate risks, and optimize efficiency for optimal productivity

Groundbreaking digital solutions to streamline facility and pipeline operations and deliver a step-change in performance to enhance efficiency, reduce footprint, increase throughput, and avoid unexpected events

Industry-leading data and AI enablers and digital production solutions to drive superior performance

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Navigating new frontiers

Join us at the SLB Digital Forum 2024 to learn how the union of human ingenuity and technology offer extraordinary opportunities for greater efficiency in today’s energy systems, while enabling a transition to tomorrow’s.

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