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Production Engineer on Delfi

Steady-state and transient simulations of well and surface facilities

 DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

Production Engineer on Delfi enables you to do steady-state and transient simulations of well and surface facilities, to identify and mitigate flow assurance challenges, and to evaluate different production scenarios to optimize field performance.

Combines Pipesim and Olga. Note: for Olga engine request Petroleum Eng - Engine Access from Plug-ins

Combines Pipesim, Olga, Petrel and Techlog for Production Engineering, FluidModeler, Studio, and Production Eng. Plugins


Pipesim steady-state multiphase flow simulator

Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator

Powered by the Pipesim simulator and Olga simulator



All Production Engineer on Delfi base plan features

Techlog wellbore software features

  • Techlog Base and viewer
  • Techlog Python
  • Techlog Real Time
  • Cased hole capabilities
  • Techlog Advanced Plotting

 Petrel Core and modules

  •  Surface imaging (satellite images)
  •  Uncertainty
  •  Advanced gridding and upscaling
  • History matching analysis (HMA)
  •  Production forecasting optimization (PFO)
  •  Well correlation
  •  Geocellular modeling
  • Data analysis

 Advanced reservoir modeling workflows

  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) screening and decision
  • Geoscreening
  • Hydraulic fracture modeler
  •  Schedule table tool
  •  Well event analysis
  • Advanced reservoir modeling workflows-child7
  •  Material balance
  • Advanced reservoir modeling workflows-child8

Advanced fluids analysis

Production Engineer on Delfi plug-ins

  •  Techlog software plug-ins
  •  Easy Well Pattern design
  • RapidPlan optimized field development planning applications
  • Upgridding utilities
  • Formation testing data analysis
  • Hydraulic fracture modeling
  • Analysis of surface network models
  •  Waterflood analysis

Powered by the Pipesim simulator, Olga simulator, Petrel subsurface software, Techlog Production, FluidModeler, Studio E&P knowledge software, and production engineering plug-ins