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Cameron Pressure Control Equipment

Complete systems for maximum safety

Operator cleaning the inside of a red BOP

From the wellhead connector to the manifold system, we offer complete systems for containing wellbore pressure and diverting formation fluids and gases. Our focus is on the safety of drilling operations, so we design, engineer, and test technologies that meet and often exceed regulatory requirements.

Recognized for excellence in manufacturing, every piece of Cameron pressure control equipment integrates highly tested material and superior engineering—along with a century of experience and the reliability that comes with it. We were the first to engineer large-bore drilling BOPs rated 20,000+ psi for deepwater drilling and the first to manufacture rams that can shear the hardbanding on tool joints.

Leveraging our global manufacturing, sales, and service network, we work with oil and gas industry experts spanning many markets and applications to create the flow control technologies that energize the world. Our facility uses the latest inspection and manufacturing technology—such as automated and computer-aided machines—and top-tier materials to complete each BOP with the highest degree of accuracy.

Cameron Pressure Control Production
Excellence in manufacturing
Cameron Elastomer Technology
It's what's inside that counts.

Make sure your BOP is up to the task

Watch how we start with formulation and testing and use state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection technology for BOPs not just designed for customer safety, but built for it.

Perform the right maintenance at the right time

Zach is one of our experts in making your drilling costs more predictable, sharing his insights on proven methods for improving performance to reduce the impact from periods of industry adjustments.

Connect IQ
Drilling equipment life cycle management services
Cameron BOP Rams
Reliably secure your well.

Reliably secure your well with the Cameron difference

Learn about our comprehensive range of BOP rams and ram packers, including rams for shearing high-strength casing and drill collars, variable-bore sealing, and high-temperature applications. Built for customer safety, each is packed with a century of Cameron experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection technology.

OTC Energy Connects | Electric Well Construction
Electrification is the way forward for improved performance and reliability

Services for our pressure control equipment with locations across the globe—helping reduce unplanned costs through performance-based contracts and condition-based maintenance solutions.

BOP controls, annular and ram-type BOPs, pipe and shear rams—ideal for drillships or semisubmersible rigs operating around the world.

Best-in-class equipment for jackup drilling rigs and platforms to maximize rig safety, efficiency, and reliability and to minimize NPT.

Pressure control equipment to optimize drilling performance, in basins from North America to the Middle East to the Pacific Rim.