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Off-center tool joint shear rams

BroadShear Ram Shearing
BroadShear Rams Wireline Shear Test
Cameron 18 3/4-in TL offshore ram-type BOP with BroadShear ram bonnets.

Industry’s only technology that shears both tool joint hardbanding and off-center tubulars

BroadShear rams can successfully shear wireline and drillstring components previously considered unshearable, such as tool joint hardbanding and off-center tubulars—all in a single stroke.

Engineered with enhanced metallurgy for exceptional strength and control, BroadShear rams are the culmination of years of experience in shearing tubulars to provide an innovative approach to meeting upcoming regulatory requirements.

Off-center tool-joint shear rams

Unsurpassed shearing ability

The ability to shear the drillpipe inside the BOP has long been a regulatory requirement. In a dangerous kick situation, the subsea controls trigger a defined sequence of functions, including shearing the drillpipe. Operators must have confidence that the shear rams inside the BOP will shear the pipe and allow the rig to disconnect and move off site.

BroadShear rams reliably shear casing diameters up to 16 in, as well as tool joints, hardbanding, and wireline. The tool joints can even be sheared off-center. With these advances, more drillstring components can be sheared than ever before.

Tool joint hardbandings that were sheared with the BroadShear ram
In a single stroke, BroadShear rams can successfully shear both tool joint hardbanding and off-center tubulars—components previously considered unshearable.

Proven reliability

In a series of rigorous tests, a single set of BroadShear rams successfully sheared various drillstring components seven times. These tests included through the pin/box, hardbanding, and off-center components. These tests are some of the toughest shear tests performed in the industry to date.

According to our engineering analysis, BroadShear rams reduce the time that unshearable drillstring components are across the BOP rams from approximately 10% to 2% for a hole depth of 25,000 ft and standard tripping procedures.

Advanced regulatory compliance

In 2019, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) updated its Well Control Rule originally released in 2016, which requires that a subsea BOP system must have the following mechanisms and capabilities:

  • Must be capable of shearing at any point along the tubular body of any drill pipe (excluding tool joints, bottomhole tools, and bottomhole assemblies, such as heavy-weight pipe or collars), workstring, tubing and associate exterior control lines, appropriate area for the liner or casing landing string, shear sub on subsea test tree, and any electric-, wire-, or slick-line in the hole; under maximum anticipated surface pressure (MASP).
  • Must be capable of positioning the entire pipe completely within the area of the shearing blade. This capability cannot be a separate ram BOP or annular preventer, but those may be used during a planned shear. Compliance due by May 1, 2023

BroadShear rams are already capable of exceeding the shearing requirements within this rule, providing you with more progressive technology to help you better achieve complex subsea objectives.

22 in × 11.5 in × 25 in
1,152 lbm per set
Third-party qualification
  • DNV GL
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Specific to BroadShear rams
  • New builds
  • Existing rig BOP stacks