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Drilling Emissions Management

Reduce well construction emissions through planning, monitoring, and innovation

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An end to end service to get drilling emissions under control

Oil and gas extraction activities create about 10% of all current E&P-related emissions industry-wide. These come primarily from CO2 generated by fuel used to power generators and other equipment on drilling rigs, platforms, and other well construction- and production-related equipment and infrastructure. A key opportunity to reduce these emissions is by improving operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and targeting fuel use directly. The Schlumberger Drilling Emissions Management service helps you to drive down well construction emissions with an end to end solution including planning, monitoring, innovative solutions, and continuous improvement.

Real-time monitoring and emissions reduction

Starting in the planning phase, the Schlumberger team assesses different operational sequences and technology choices aimed at minimizing emissions and designs a rig-specific emissions monitoring approach. Once the well plan is finalized and drilling begins, real-time rig energy consumption measurements and emissions are correlated to the well plan. Energy consumption is used to calculate rig power plant exhaust greenhouse gas emissions, which are monitored and reported in terms of CO2 equivalent global warming potential. In real time and during the postjob phase, emissions are compared to the plan and actions are suggested to enable further reductions. These actions leverage our deep understanding of the well construction process, emissions domain expertise, and fit-for-purpose products and services including our Transition Technologies portfolio.

Graphic displaying planning, execution, and evaluation phase.
Graphic displaying planning, execution, and evaluation phase.
Drilling Emissions Management Service
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Service catered to your needs

Drilling Emissions Management is available as part of the Schlumberger Integrated Well Construction solutions or as a stand-alone consulting engagement. Value to the customer’s drilling operation increases when Schlumberger services are combined for maximum impact on operational efficiency and the carbon footprint.

Key benefits

  • Enables accurate emissions forecasts for planned operations
  • Facilitates carbon footprint minimization by comparing carbon footprint from different process or technology options
  • Enables accurate and transparent real-time monitoring and visualization of rig emissions
  • Helps to identify fit-for-purpose and cost-effective solutions to reduce environmental impact

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