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Coherent well planning solution. Produce better-quality drilling programs in minutes

 DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment

Deliver optimum well designs and automated drilling programs by harnessing the power of data for multi-disciplinary experts to work as one team in a live, open and collaborative environment. With more than 30 engineering algorithms working simultaneously in the cloud and enabling a collaborative environment, the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solution produces your drilling program in minutes. Automatically calculate hydraulics, casing design, torque and drag, well integrity and more. With just a few clicks, your well is designed and validated with a digital drilling program produced ready for execution.


Learn from the past to improve the present
Every offset well drilled before is analyzed to find out how the best outcomes were achieved. The learning never stops, so every well drilled is better than the last. The improvements continue, well after well.

The integration of offset well data enables workflows to run historical analysis, perform risks management, conduct probabilistic analysis, highlight best composite time, improve operational forecasting, and automatically generate the sequence of operational activities based on the most effective offset wells.

Empower your teams to collaborate
Let teamwork and expertise flow across your project by sharing an end-to-end workflow between multi-disciplinary and cross-company teams in one cloud location. Collaboration has never been this easy.

Integrate third party data, apps, and intelligence
Open and extensible architecture make it simple to integrate and connect vendor neutral data sources, applications, and domain solutions. Incorporate the best innovations and solutions across your entire value chain.

Overcome data residency issues
Deployment on hybrid and private cloud infrastructures means customers facing data residency restrictions can benefit from the full capabilities of the DrillPlan solution—it's been delivering improvements to well construction programs in the middle east since March 2020. Read Article

Planning thousands of wells for global customers
Since its global launch in 2019, the DrillPlan solution has planned many thousands of wells. It is the standard for well construction planning for many major energy companies around the world.

Automated validation workflows ensure coherency every time designs change. Access to all data, science, and industry standards increases the quality and efficiency of your well construction program, with full procedural adherence and enhanced safety.

  • Cut your planning time by up to 50%—from weeks to days
  • Empower teams with cross-domain collaboration
  • Automate repetitive tasks—freeing your people to focus on safety and improvement
  • Streamline your drilling processes and increase efficiency and performance
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions