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Automated rheometer

RheoProfiler system tests all mud types.

Current drilling fluid testing protocols limit the quantity and distribution of critical data. However, the RheoProfiler™ automated rheometer offers a comprehensive and user-friendly system for testing density and rheological characteristics across all fluid types—water, oil, and synthetic. Designed to increase the efficiency of the mud engineer, it elevates the visibility of drilling fluid properties on rigs anywhere in the world.

Controlled by a user-friendly touchscreen, the RheoProfiler rheometer enables automated density and rheological tests to be performed efficiently from varied sample points. Because the tests are automated and device-controlled, a reliable and precise testing method is guaranteed, eliminating repetitive tasks for the fluid engineer. The system quickly delivers data to help customers tackle drilling fluid challenges and efficiently communicates results to improve well construction performance. The rheology, gels, and density measurements are time-stamped and stored on the unit, which are then automatically transmitted to the electronic drilling recorder and to Drilling Fluids Advisor.

Operator looks at a computer screen with rheological tests displayed.
Efficient automated density and rheological tests can be performed from varied sample points.
  • Tests density and rheological properties of all mud types, including water, oil, and synthetic
  • Improves safety and frees mud engineers from repetitive tasks
  • Combines heating and cooling system with precision instruments to measure rheology data and density, ensuring compliance with API RP 13A and 13B standards while maintaining a high level of precision
  • Transmits data, which removes uncertainty, reduces risk, and adds further precision to the fluid treatment process for proactive decision making and process optimization