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Automated rheometer

Automated rheometer

As we continue efforts to bring all facets of the industry into the digital era, M-I SWACO developed the RheoProfiler automated rheometer. This is a device for basic semi-automated drilling fluid property measurements, designed to increase the efficiency of the mud engineer.

Automating a rheometer removes repetitive tasks and communicates real-time data by measuring the drilling fluid’s rheology profile over various temperatures with gels, and density. It is highly mobile, with a small footprint and simple installation.

The RheoProfiler rheometer is controlled by a user-friendly touchscreen and is self-cleaning. It is designed for use on land or offshore rigs anywhere in the world and increases the level of visibility of the drilling fluid properties data.

The rheology, gels, and density measurements are timestamped and stored on the unit, which are then sent via WITS protocol to the operations and data management teams. Additionally, measurements can be automatically fed to our PRESSPRO RT real-time downhole performance measurement software and the DrillOps on-target well delivery solution.

This new level of automation reduces risk and enhances operations. Learn more by contacting one of our experts.

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