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Fracturing and Flowback Equipment

Maximize stimulation efficiency with reliable technology

A digital representation of frac and flowback equipment
Image of Cameron technicians using digital monitoring, control, and automation during wellsite operations.

Accelerate stimulation operations with automation and reliability

Reduce your stimulation capex by improving operational efficiency with state-of-the-art stimulation equipment for land or offshore applications. From automated stimulation delivery equipment to frac plugs and connected frac fluid delivery systems that save you time and money, you can rely on SLB technology for maximum efficiency, inventory management, and safety performance.

Our fracturing services and equipment ensure efficient fluid delivery from the manifold to the wellhead. With rental and purchase options available, you have choices—from fully integrated, seamless service delivery to individual frac trees and manifolds that maximize operational efficiency.

Frac Equipment

Streamline fracturing operations with reliable and efficient technology used in land and offshore applications.


  • Cameron frac trees and zipper manifolds
    Cameron Frac Trees and Zipper Manifolds
    Digitally elevate and automate frac performance, capacity, uptime, and safety

    Elevate your frac performance with reliable equipment integrating digitalization and automation. View

  • Big-Bore Frac Check Valves
    Big-Bore Frac Check Valves
    Improved hydraulic fracturing

    Choose a more reliable alternative to multiple conventional small inline check valves on frac iron. View

  • Render of the StimCommander fleet with a digital ground overlay
    Automated stimulation delivery platform

    Increase hydraulic fracturing process control, reliability, and efficiency through automation. View

  • Aerial view of a site showing the Dual-Fracturing Stimulation service
    Dual-Fracturing Stimulation Service
    Improved operational efficiency through integrated technologies

    Simultaneously stimulate two wells using a single stimulation fleet to save time and cost without sacrificing well performance. View

  • Monoflex technology connecting to frac trees in the field
    Dual-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology

    Speed up multiwell pad rig-up with a flexible, erosion-resistant conduit that couples the frac manifold to the frac tree. View

  • Render of the automated valve greasing system with the grease injection unit and the remote control panel skid
    Automated Valve Greasing System
    Reduce risk, costs, and time

    Eliminate red zone activities and reduce greasing time with optimized remote valve maintenance. View

  • View of the ValveCommander platform showing status for multiple frac valves on a location.
    Automated control and advisory platform

    Streamline zipper frac operations and eliminate cut wireline by automating frac valves. View

  • F-T90 Horizontal Frac Tree
    Horizontal frac tree

    Optimize simultaneous multiwell operations with a shorter, lighter design compared with conventional frac trees. View

  • Composite Frac Tree
    Composite Frac Tree
    Shorter frac tree for enhanced safety and reliability

    Handle hydraulic fracturing pressures up to 15,000 psi and minimize leak paths with a compact Cameron composite frac tree. View

  • Frac and flowback equipment
    Frac Valves
    High-pressure valves to improve fracturing efficiency

    Maximize corrosion and erosion protection, streamline maintenance, and minimize NPT and related costs. View

  • Frac Flowback Equipment Frac Manifold
    Frac Manifolds
    Flexible manifolds enable more fracturing stages per day

    Eliminate unnecessary rig-up and rig-down between frac stages with flexible, modular frac manifolds controlling fracturing fluid flow. View

  • Hydraulic Multiturn Actuator
    Hydraulic Multiturn Actuator
    Enables remote manual operation of Cameron gate valves

    Automate frac valve operation but maintain a contingency to minimize NPT. View

  • Monoline flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology in the field
    Flanged-connection fracturing fluid delivery technology

    Improve reliability and reduce potential leak paths on multiwell pads with a safer, faster alternative to conventional frac iron. View

  • Clamp Quick-Connect System with close-up
    Clamp Quick-Connect System
    Faster, more reliable high-pressure connection for frac hoses

    Replace risky hammer unions for connecting high-pressure frac hoses with faster setup, safer clamp system. View

  • Layout of three 6-pump monobore frac missile system skids using two-connection MonoFlex technology.
    Monobore Frac Missile System
    Large-bore pipe with secure API 6A flanges streamlines multiwell frac operations

    Easily accommodate any pump configuration with greater efficiency and safety. View

  • Photo of the PumpIRIS system installed on a pump. The PumpIRIS system is outlined in blue.
    PumpIRIS pump idling reduction intelligent

    Reduces stimulation pump idling by up to 75%, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 7% View


  • DeepSTIM stimulation vessels
    Stimulation vessels

    Optimize acidizing, fracturing, sand control, and scale control in deepwater wells in extreme environments. View

  • Offshore Jackup Rig
    Modular offshore stimulation system

    Deploy flexible, high-capacity stimulation equipment rapidly to meet specific needs for offshore fracturing or acidizing operations. View

  • FlexSTIM modular offshore stimulation system
    FlexSTIM Pronto
    Offshore stimulation equipment system

    Rapidly design a lightweight, modular equipment package optimized for fracturing or acidizing from an offshore supply vessel. View

  • Well stimulation vessel control room
    Well stimulation vessel

    Designed for jobs from simple acid stimulation to complex hydraulic fracturing operations in the North Sea environment. View

Flowback and Well Testing Equipment

Enhance safety and efficiency of frac fluid delivery and flowback and well testing with services and equipment for rent or purchase.

  • Rendering of the data acquisition skid, sensors, and visualization on an unconventional wellsite.
    Flowback Wireless Advisory Platform
    Real-time access to accurate flow rates and pressure during flowback operations

    Automate data delivery from unconventional wells. View

  • Two Schlumberger Workers Inspecting the Flowback Well Cleanup Equipment
    Flowback and Well Cleanup Services
    Basin-specific plans to remove solids and separate fluids

    Prepare your well for production with efficient postfracturing services designed to manage frac fluid flowback and well cleanup. View

  • Oil worker in the field
    Emergency Shutdown (ESD) Valves
    Isolate pressure and flow during an overpressure event

    Install these emergency shutdown valves in line upstream of the testing units to control overpressure, high liquid level, or both. View

  • Flare
    Flare Systems
    Efficiently flares with zero ground disturbance and self-erecting rig-up

    Burn natural gas or natural gas vapors with high-efficiency, flexible systems that are easily relocated between sites. View

  • Hydraulic Choke Control Trailers
    Hydraulic Choke Control Trailers
    Mobile platform for control and monitoring

    Control and monitor valves and choke position and operation, and acquire data. View

  • Indirect heater trailer mounted
    Indirect Heaters
    Fully mobile, high-pressure indirect heater for severe applications

    Prevent hydrate formation and eliminate associated logistics and risk with an alternative to chemical injection into the process stream. View

  • Plug Catcher in the Field
    Plug Catchers
    Eliminate debris-related blockages and equipment damage

    Remove isolation plug remnants as well as fragments of casing, cement, and other large debris immediately after the fracturing stack. View

  • Cameron Worker Performing Maintenance Check on Plug Valve Choke Manifold in the Field
    Choke Manifolds
    Manual quarter-turn plug valve choke manifolds

    Control downstream pressure and fluid volumes during flowback and well testing. View

  • Cameron Worker Standing Next to Sand Separators Equipment in the Field
    Sand Separators
    Minimize solids in flowback fluids and production streams

    Remove sand and other small solids from flowback fluids, the production stream, or both, using centrifugal force. View

  • Cameron Worker Performing Maintenance Checks on Production Testing Measurements Equipment in the Field
    Well Test Separators
    Pressure vessels

    Separate oil, water, gas, and solids into individual streams for more accurate measurement and discharge control. View

  • Two Schlumberger Workers on Rigsite Standing Near Equipment
    Wellsite Safety Services
    Training, auditing, and proactive measures enhance safety at your wellsite

    Plan contingencies, manage certifications, and deliver equipment required to enhance safety in flowback and production operations. View

  • AvantGuard Advanced Flowback Services
    Advanced flowback services

    Optimize productivity in fractured wells with integrated modeling, monitoring, and control. View

Isolation Systems

Protect the tubing spool or CT string and minimize surface risks during high-volume, high-pressure, and high-rate fracturing operations.

  • CAMFRAC isolation system
    Isolation system

    Protect a Type C tubing spool from high pressure and erosion while extending the tubing spool pressure rating for hydraulic fracturing. View

  • fracguard head in the field
    Isolation head

    Protect the CT string from abrasive fracturing fluid in pinpoint or CT fracturing operations. View

  • Frac Flowback Equipment
    Fullbore Completion Tubing Equipment (FBCTE)
    Hydraulic fracturing tubing spool

    Hold pressures up to 15,000 psi to provide fullbore access and an alternative to the use of bore isolation tools. View

  • Cameron Standard Completion Tubing Equipment (SCTE)
    Standard Completion Tubing Equipment (SCTE)
    Hydraulic fracturing tubing spool

    Hold pressures up to 15,000 psi and enhance safety and efficiency with an alternative to bore isolation tools. View

  • Wellhead Isolation Tool Illustration
    Wellhead Isolation Tool
    Streamlined, flexible operation

    Save time, reduce costs, and mitigate risk to the frac tree during high-pressure fracturing treatments. View

Flow Iron

Maximize total life cycle cost savings for flow iron fittings, plug valves, pup joints, and swivels used in hydraulic fracturing, cementing, well testing, and flowback.

  • Cameron 2-in M × M × F flow iron tee fitting.
    Flow Iron Fittings
    Reliable fittings for well service applications

    Manage total life cycle costs for hydraulic fracturing, cementing, well testing, and flowback. View

  • Cameron 2-in × 2-in flow iron plug valve.
    Flow Iron Plug Valves
    Reliable plug valves for well service applications

    Manage total life cycle costs for hydraulic fracturing, cementing, well testing, and flowback. View

  • Cameron 2-in pup joint.
    Flow Iron Pup Joints
    Reliable pup joints for well service applications

    Manage total life cycle costs for hydraulic fracturing, cementing, well testing, and flowback. View

  • Cameron 2-in three-way flow iron swivel.
    Flow Iron Swivels
    Reliable swivels for well service applications

    Manage total life cycle costs for hydraulic fracturing, cementing, well testing, and flowback. View