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Cameron frac trees and zipper manifolds

Digitally elevate frac performance, uptime, and safety

Cameron frac trees and zipper manifolds

Conduct safer, error-free, and more cost-effective hydraulic fracturing

The best-executed frac operations start with selecting the highest-performing frac tree—or “frac stack”—and zipper manifold. The three primary factors that determine frac tree performance capability are reliability, digitalization, and automation. Cameron frac trees and zipper manifolds achieve all three: Our robust technology design delivers the most reliable frac equipment available. And we’ve integrated digital and automation innovations—such as the ValveCommander™ automated control and advisory platform and automated valve greasing system—to provide full operational continuity, reduce nonproductive time, and move personnel out of the red zone.

With our data-enriched platform, you can visualize your frac job’s information from anywhere in the world with full traceability on all valve operations.

We’ve got you covered: servicing every rental frac tree and zipper manifold

When you rent our frac trees and zipper manifolds, you aren’t getting only high performance. Our expert teams provide service programs that are as robust as the equipment for their inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement at our service facilities.

Performance Live
Experience what digitalization and automation can do to transform your frac fluid delivery performance.

Maximize fracturing uptime

Our frac trees and zipper manifolds enable substantial advancements in performance through their increased durability, high flexibility, and emphasis on promoting operational safety. As an OEM, we design and specially manufacture equipment to reliably handle sustained pressure pumping of erosive fracturing fluids during multiwell applications.

Frac trees are available in conventional and vertical and horizontal composite configurations in sizes up to 7 in and working pressures up to 15,000 psi.

Because a frac operation is only as reliable as its components, Cameron frac valves are trimmed for maximum corrosion and erosion protection and facilitated maintenance. Their reputation for quality and reliability is honestly earned: They provide three times more uptime compared with other suppliers, minimizing frac NPT and related costs.

Photograph of man with tablet tracking and controlling operations using the frac trees behind him.