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Automated control and advisory platform

View of the ValveCommander platform showing status for multiple frac valves on a location.
ValveCommander Platform: Overview
Cameron ValveCommander automated control and advisory platform enables remote operation of the frac tree.

Improve multiwell fracturing efficiency with valve automation

Increase number of stages completed per day by 11% with Cameron ValveCommander automated control and advisory platform. The new digital platform streamlines the process of operating valves on the frac tree and manifold during multiwell fracturing operations, such as zipper fracs.

Standard workflows for these operations require wireline and fracturing crews to constantly alternate operations between wells to isolate the well and rig up wireline or to open the well to begin pumping fluids downhole. During these complicated operations, valves must be opened and closed accurately and in proper sequence. Operating the wrong valve at the wrong time can have catastrophic consequences in terms of NPT, costs, and HSE impacts.

With ValveCommander platform, operators can digitally control frac valves with the click of a button from inside the control cabin. They can also monitor valve position in real time, throughout the operation. These changes make the process of opening and closing valves nearly instantaneous.

View of the ValveCommander platform showing status for multiple frac valves on a location.
ValveCommander platform delivers real-time remote access and digital control of frac valve position.

Manage wellsite safety and eliminate cut wireline

Safety interlocks between the well stimulation and well control equipment prevent overpressuring or washing out the frac valves. Additional instrumentation detects whether the wireline toolstring has safely cleared the frac tree valves, thereby eliminating cut wireline.

ValveCommander platform also includes an advisor to ensure the workflow is executed according to the job plan.

Shrink your safety and environmental footprint

To keep personnel out of the high-pressure zone during stimulation operations, most operators choose hydraulically actuated valves that can be operated from outside the high-pressure zone. A typical frac site uses two hydraulic power units (HPUs) per well to actuate the frac valves. ValveCommander platform can reduce the number of HPUs required to operate the same number of valves by a factor of 4:1, which reduces diesel usage and carbon emissions by 60% to 70%.