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Energy storage

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Energy storage
Energy storage

Discover stationary storage solutions to access power when you need it

As energy demand increases, secure access to energy when you need it is an imperative. Reliable energy storage systems to store and distribute the energy are critical to building a balanced energy future we can count on.

SLB explores new and better ways to drive energy storage. Though advanced development and deployment of tech and strategic partnerships we help power our future sustainably, reliably, and at scale. A solution to secure your access to energy where you need, when you need it.

Reliable, sustainable, cost-efficient energy access solution

Stationary energy storage is an essential component of the energy transition.

Renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, generate electricity intermittently depending on the availability of sunlight and wind. By 2050, wind and solar are expected to represent more than 75% of grid connected power generation.* Energy storage systems can store energy during times of oversupply and use it when demand peaks or in periods with little or no renewable energy generation, ensuring a reliable and continuous supply of electricity.

* BloombergNEF (2023)

Plot showing total electricity generation by technology/fuel type, 2020–2050.
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Provide reliability for grid stabilization

By smoothing out fluctuations in electricity supply and demand, improving grid resilience and reducing the need for expensive power provided by peaker plants, stationary energy storage can help stabilize the power grid. Energy storage can reduce the need for expensive upgrades to the electricity grid infrastructure by enabling the integration of distributed renewable energy sources at the point of consumption.

A value-added alternative for electrification and decarbonization

Energy storage can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by enabling a higher penetration of renewable energy sources in the electricity mix. By storing excess renewable energy, these systems can help replace fossil fuel-based electricity generation, reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change.

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