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Well intervention

Extending the life of producing wells

Abstract 3D art portraying well Intervention.
Production from mature fields is on the rise. What will help meet this demand?
Today, over 60% of the world’s production comes from mature assets, and this percentage is expected to grow to nearly 80% by 2030.* Our industry is increasingly relying on well intervention to meet this demand. But many interventions don’t meet operational objectives in terms of incremental barrels, primarily because of reactive and siloed intervention approaches.


*Rystad Energy UCube, July 2023
Bar chart showing World Oil and Gas Production by Asset Maturity.

Proactive well intervention is key

Addressing a field’s production only when production figures are significantly impacted (a reactive approach) increases the cost to resolve the issue. But think of intervention as proactive maintenance that occurs throughout the life of a field or well. For example, we take our cars to be serviced and maintained regularly. Checking fluid levels and tire pressure regularly is analogous to monitoring fluid contacts and well pressures to intervene or perform maintenance as necessary.

At SLB, we leverage our differentiated domain expertise, technology portfolio, and digital workflows to drive proactive intervention and stimulation solutions. This reduces the cost of the value chain, with a 30% lower cost per barrel* and 33% lower carbon footprint per barrel* as opposed to infill drilling to increase production.

*Compared with equivalent barrel from infill drilling based on SLB and industry analyses

Diagram of SLB Production Enhancement Projects.

A new approach to maximize recovery and intervention success

SLB uses a comprehensive approach to help oil and gas operators increase their intervention success rates and maximize recovery from brownfields. We have reinvented our technologies to expand the operating envelopes and reliably address your well challengesؚ. For over a decade, we have continuously innovated our solutions with digital and automation capabilities to take intervention to the next level. This enables better efficiency, accuracy, insights, and results. You can perform proactive interventions in any well, reservoir, and field condition with reduced cost, risk, and environmental impact using our complete portfolio.

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