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Seismic Data Processing

Algorithms, services, and workflows that maximize your seismic data's value

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Application-specific seismic data conditioning and processing for confident imaging

From the field to the final volume, seismic data goes through many processes and workflows. Data conditioning encompasses a wide range of technologies designed to address numerous challenges in the processing sequence—from data calibration and regularization to noise and multiple attenuation and signal enhancement.

Each prestack process and subsequent imaging algorithm must be carefully selected to match your goals and expertly applied. Each step will affect the fidelity of the final images and, ultimately, your confidence in the results.

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Extend the bandwidth of your data for any marine acquisition type or technique.

Proven approach to 4D processing with step-by-step removal of the effects of differing acquisition systems and unrepeated coverage using dedicated time-lapse algorithms.

Extensive portfolio of demultiple algorithms and innovative workflows to address surface and internal multiples and obtain the optimal solutions for a wide range of scenarios.

Suite of tools to remove coherent and random noise in land and marine seismic data, including wind and swell noise, mud roll, ambient noise, and seismic interference.

Maximize the value of your multicomponent data.

Elimination of seismic wavelet variations caused by irregularities in acquisition geometry and other aspects of acquisition.