Schlumberger Completes Gaines 3D Megamerge Seismic Reprocessing Project

Published: 09/04/2020

Multiclient seismic data library
Gaines megamerge location in West Texas.
Data example from the final Kirchhoff prestack time migration processing.

WesternGeco, the industry leader of multiclient processing in US Land, continuously evergreens key parts of its extensive multiclient data library. Today, we introduce the seamless megamerge of the Gaines 3D reprocessing project completed in 2019.

This industry-funded project integrates seven surveys totaling 1,066 mi2 across Gaines, Terry, and Yoakum Counties, enabling a regional geological representation from platform to slope to the Midland Basin.

Gaines 3D megamerge advantages

  • Updated refraction statics model calibrated to wells and formation tops for noticeably improved illumination of the Leonardian and Guadalupian deposits
  • Phase corrections guarantee a consistent tie between surveys
  • Enhanced noise attenuation model with surface-consistent amplitude recovery for better amplitude balancing in the Wolfcamp Shale to the south
  • Improved velocity analysis for consistent tying with well information
  • Poststack footprint removal for improved evaluation of shallow and deeper targets in the region

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Midland Basin, United States, North America, Onshore
Gaines 3D Megamerge, West Texas
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