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Diversity & inclusion

Schlumberger Employees from Around the World
One of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our workforce, with people of many nationalities and backgrounds working together and sharing common objectives. SLB does not have a 'nationality' that describes its culture but operates in a truly global manner throughout the world. As a company, we encourage fair employment practices worldwide and offer equal opportunities to all our employees.

Global workforce diversity

Our long-standing commitment to national and cultural diversity fosters a way of working that is global in outlook yet local in practice, and this permeates every layer of the Company, including every level of management. Our executive leadership team includes officers from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, North Africa and the Middle East.

We recognize that our ability to attract, develop, motivate, and retain a highly competent and diverse workforce has been the key to our success for many decades. By creating a variety of perspectives that stimulate productive creativity and innovation, we maintain our competitive edge.

We believe that a culture of diversity and inclusion is not just the right thing to do—it is a business imperative. Our guiding principles to enable an inclusive culture are three fold:

  • Employees are expected to treat one another professionally, with mutual respect, trust, and individual dignity. They must also display respect when interacting with customers, contractors, and others involved in our operations, including members of local communities. SLB does not tolerate any discrimination based on race, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, disability, religion, marital status, or union membership.
  • Meritocracy drives our actions, decisions, and employee advancement.
  • While it is a competitive advantage that our workforce communicates in a multitude of languages, English is the common language of our internal management communication.

For additional information on global workforce diversity, view our proxy

National and cultural diversity
SLB recruits and develops people in alignment with our business objectives and the countries in which we work. SLB has been successful in attracting and developing nationalities from nonwestern and emerging countries, now integrated into all levels of the workforce, including senior management.
Gender balance and equal pay
Achieving improved gender balance has been a focus of policy and action in SLB since the late 1970s, when we began recruiting women for field operations roles. Since then, we have continued to expand opportunities for women across our field operations, technology, business, and management roles. Our goal is to continually strive for gender balance around the world through recruiting, career development, and a culture of inclusion. We continually monitor compensation equality for women and men across all jobs, in every country, with the goal of maintaining equal pay.

LGBT+ diversity

We strive to foster a culture where employees who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or nonbinary are encouraged to be their authentic selves and are respected as valued members of the SLB team.

Age diversity

We value the perspectives and the breadth of experience of all our employees regardless of age. SLB is dedicated to supporting employees in their growth journey at every step of their career through continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Disability and caregivers

SLB aims to provide support that empowers and equips people who have different needs, because of visible or non-visible disabilities or health conditions, to achieve their full potential—and to support those who care for others. Read our commitment to improving the workplace for our employees with a disability.

France  United Kingdom United States
The French government requires each company to measure the equality between women and men. UK Gender Pay Gap Reports The US specific consolidated Employment Information Report is a snapshot in time of the US workforce demographics based on categories prescribed by the US government. These categories do not necessarily represent or translate to our global workforce.
2023 France Gender Equality Indicators 2023 UK Gender Pay Gap Report  
2022 France Gender Equality Indicators 2022 UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 US Employment Information Report EEO-1 consolidated
2021 France Action Plan for Gender Equality 2021 UK Gender Pay Gap Report  
2021 France Gender Equality Indicators 2020 UK Gender Pay Gap Report  
2020 France Gender Equality Indicators 2019 UK Gender Pay Gap Report  
2019 France Gender Equality Indicators    

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