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Stimulation & Conformance

Real-time services for optimized stimulation

ACTive Matrix stimulation operation.

Optimize CT matrix stimulation

Our matrix service integrates tools that monitor injection rates and downhole pressure, temperature, and optional—but critical—DTS measurements to enable maximum fluid penetration and diversion to optimize treatment volumes. This real-time process improves the treatment performance and enhances the design of subsequent treatments by providing the accurate data needed to stimulate the appropriate zones.

Effectively stimulate the entire reservoir

Once the matrix is deployed to TD, a baseline DTS survey can be obtained followed by additional temperature surveys. These surveys are used to guide fluid placement before stimulation begins and quantify fluid distribution across intake zones to ensure effective stimulation of the entire reservoir and improve the overall performance of operations.

Stimulation and conformance operation in Bakersfield California.

By monitoring temperature, downhole parameters, and nodal analysis and skin evaluation measurements in real time, you can conduct ongoing analysis to ensure efficient placement of the treatment.

After OpenPath Reach extended-contact stimulation service

Reduce costs of produced water

We offer a portfolio of shutoff technologies from relative permeability modifiers and temporary chemical blocks to permanent cements. These fit-for-purpose solutions are matched to your particular well or situation. By managing water production, you can reduce or eliminate costs of lifting, handling, hauling, and disposing of water. Timely attention to water production issues can extend a well's producing lifetime, improve environmental stewardship, and increase hydrocarbon recovery.

Improve oil recovery with engineered gas control

Increasing gas production reduces crude oil production to a point where the well becomes uneconomic, leading to shutting in the well despite its potentially recoverable reserves. We can help continue or restore production to these wells and recover otherwise lost reserves.

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