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Water and gas conformance service

AllSeal service integrates chemistry, geology, operations, economics, and logistics to reduce or eliminate water and gas production for a particular well or field.

Manage water and gas production with flexibility to match your goals and strategies

Water production characteristics and causes vary significantly from well to well, and water strategies vary among operators and locations. To accommodate this variety, the AllSeal water and gas conformance service integrates a wide portfolio of shutoff technologies from relative permeability modifiers (RPMs) and temporary chemical blocks to permanent cements.

We select the right solution based on your field and operational requirements, reservoir characteristics, economic constraints, logistics, and best practices gathered over decades of work around the world. The result is a fit-for-purpose solution matched to your particular well or situation.

The wide portfolio of shutoff technologies enables engineers to match reservoir properties, customer economics, and logistics to ensure successful operations.
The wide portfolio of shutoff technologies enables engineers to match reservoir properties, customer economics, and logistics to ensure successful operations.

Reduce or eliminate the costs of lifting, handling, hauling, and disposing of water. Extend your well's producing lifetime, improve environmental stewardship, and increase hydrocarbon recovery.

AllSeal water and gas conformance service.

Improve oil recovery with engineered gas control 

Gas breakthrough is common in naturally fractured oil reservoirs or through leaks in cement or casing. Increasing gas production reduces crude oil production. Eventually the well becomes uneconomic, leading to shutting in the well despite its potentially recoverable reserves.

AllSeal service provides engineered alternatives to continue or restore production to these wells and recover otherwise lost reserves, which can significantly improve the economics of operating the field.

Conformance Technology System Description Water Control Application Gas Control Application Wellbore and Perforations Treatment Penetration Matrix Treatment Penetration Fracture Networks Treatment Penetration Acid Resistant Chemical Resistance H2S Resistant Chemical Resistance  C02 Resistant Chemical Resistance Injector Max. Application Temperature, degF [degC] Viscosity Range, cP
MARA-SEAL system Rigid crosslinked polyacrylamide gel     <100 ppm 250 [121] 100
OrganoSEAL R rigid organic crosslinked gel system Rigid organic crosslinked polyacrylamide gel     √; Yes, after gelation  325 [163] 100
H2S-tolerant gel system Rigid organic crosslinked specialty polymer gel     250 [121] 20–80
FoamSEAL stable crosslinked foaming gel Crosslinked foamed polyacrylamide gel   <100 ppm 325 [163] 100
MARCIT system Flowing crosslinked polyacrylamide gel     <100 ppm
200 [93] 50–300
OrganoSEAL F flowing organic crosslinked gel system Flowing organic crosslinked polyacrylamide gel      Yes, after gelation 325 [163] 50–300
ZONELOCK permanent zone sealing fluid system Rigid inorganic gel         180 [82] 1–2
Delayed gelation system (DGS) Rigid delayed gelation inorganic gel           200 [93] 1–2
Particulate gel system Physical plugging gel
    350 [177] 10
ZONETROL XT zonal water conformance system Relative permeability modifier               250 [121] 10
FracCON water-conformance fracturing fluid Water-conformance fracturing fluid     Matrix near fracture faces           250 [121] 100–300
OilMAX matrix acidizing diverter Matrix acidizing diverter for high-water-cut wells               250 [121] 10
Annular cement packer (ACP) Annular cement packer      195 [91]  
WaterSEEKER Gel water-reactive polymer system Water-reactive polymer     Yes, after gelation   325 [163]  
WATERSEEKER Cement water-reactive cement system Water-reactive cement         325 [163]  
SqueezeCRETE remedial cementing solution Microcement system     320 [160] 60

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