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High-water-cut acidizing diverter

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Selectively plug high-water saturation zones

OilSEEKER high-water-cut acidizing diverter for sandstone and carbonates selectively plugs zones with high water saturation. The acid enters the zones with high oil saturation. Sandstone stimulations are easier and safer without the nitrogen of foam operations.

Plug the bottomwater zone

A Permian Basin carbonate formation was encroached by bottomwater from highly porous grainstones. After OilSEEKER diverter plugged the zone, the acid was diverted into the oil zone for an effective stimulation treatment. Oil and gas production substantially improved, the water cut decreased, and the bottomhole pressure significantly increased.

The OilSEEKER diverter reduces injectivity in zones with high water saturation, forcing the acid to enter the zones with high oil saturation.

Operator Produces 3,000,000 bbl of Oil from High-Water-Cut Carbonate Reservoir

OilSEEKER diverter selectively plugs water-saturated zones, reducing water cut from 90% to just 10%.

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Increase efficiency of acidizing treatments

Because of the high permeability in Gulf of Mexico deepwater formations, acid diversion is challenging. Foam segregation can cause the acid to enter the layers having higher permeability. The formation is only partially treated. Diverting agents containing solids can cause additional damage.

Bottomhole pressure increased during the OilSEEKER diverter treatment when the diverting agent exited the perforations. There was increased flow resistance in the high-permeability zone with increased viscosity. The pressure increased approximately 200 psi each time the diverting agent hit the formation.

The total skin after completion was +4, exceptionally low in these types of highly productive wells.