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Geothermal cementing systems

Resilience in extreme geothermal environments

Geothermal cementing.

Geothermal wells face high-temperature conditions, with bottomhole temperatures reaching up to 350 degC [662 degF]. These extreme temperature and pressure changes can stress the cement used to seal the wells. Whether it’s addressing extreme dynamic temperatures and pressures, low fracture gradients, or lost circulation while drilling, we provide advanced geothermal cementing systems that enable you to achieve zonal isolation for the life of your geothermal well. Our services and innovations support cost-effective geothermal development by enhancing drilling efficiency and increasing the success rates of geothermal wells around the world.

Ensuring long-term stability of geothermal wells
We have in-depth expertise in geothermal resource development and offer specialized, forward-thinking technologies engineered to tackle the unique challenges posed by cementing in geothermal environments.

Mitigating loss during cementing

Natural fractures, unstable formations, and low fracture gradient sections are often present when drilling geothermal wells, leading to a high risk of losses during cementing jobs. Our LiteCRETE™ lightweight cement slurry is an optimized trimodal slurry designed for low densities to allow reduced hydrostatic pressure during a cement job. And our CemNET™ advanced loss-control fiber technology can be added to cement slurries to form a network across the loss zone, enabling you to regain and maintain circulation.

CemNET advanced loss-control fiber technology.

Our geothermal well construction solutions

High-temperature endurance for drilling geothermal wells

Leveraging geothermal experience and technologies to drill geothermal wells consistently, faster, and more efficiently

Reduce drilling risk in challenging geothermal environments

Resilience in extreme geothermal environments

Flexible systems for use in geothermal drilling and production