CemNET Advanced Loss-Control Fiber Technology | SLB


Advanced loss-control fiber technology


Regain circulation while cementing

Optimally sized to seal loss zones, CemNET advanced loss-control fiber technology features inert, fibrous material that forms a network across the loss zone, enabling you to regain and maintain circulation.

Effective manage cement returns

CemNET fiber technology can be used in the slurry pumped across the zone where you expect losses. When cement is circulated across these zones, the CemNET technology fibers create a physical network, bridging and sealing the zones, letting you resume cement circulation during treatment.

Minimize remedial cementing operations

When CemNET fiber technology is not used, operators must pump excess cement if they anticipate losses to fractures, fissures, vugs, or highly porous zones. By adding CemNET fiber technology to your existing cementing program, you can be more successful in cement placement and eliminate excess cement costs and remedial cementing operations to repair low cement tops.