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Gas Lift

Various options for continuous- or intermittent-flow production

Perforated Gas Lift

Maximize production in any environment

Our gas lift products give you the quality and flexibility you need to maximize production. Gas lift installations manage abrasive materials, such as sand, and can be used in low-productivity, high-gas/oil ratio-wells or deviated wellbores. With our gas lift products, slickline-retrievable gas lift valves can be pulled and replaced without disturbing tubing if designs or system performance must be changed. 

We provide conventional and unconventional lift systems and components for both continuous- and intermittent-flow production. Whereas our conventional systems maximize production in shallow wells, our line of unconventional lift systems are pressure barrier qualified and rated to a higher pressure to provide reliable performance in deepwater and subsea wells. The higher pressure rating and pressure barrier features mean deeper depths of gas injection and enhanced wellbore integrity. System components, such as side-pocket mandrels, extend the run life of the gas lift system and eliminate workovers—ultimately lowering costs over the life of the well.

Gas Lift


Optimize production with both conventional and unconventional gas lift options for continuous or intermittent flow.

  • Barrier Series Gas Lift Systems
    Barrier Series
    Gas lift systems

    Lower costs and downtime by improving the pressure integrity of the entire wellbore environment. View

  • XLift high-pressure gas lift system.
    High-pressure gas lift system

    Improve well performance with higher injection pressures and deeper injection points. View


Improve system efficiency and economical performance with components that extend the gas lift run life.

  • MMM R Side Pocket Mandrel
    Side Pocket Mandrels
    Reliable gas lift with flexibility for the future

    Maximize production and revenue while minimizing or eliminating costly workovers. View

  • Barrier Gas Lift Valves
    Retrievable Gas Lift Valves
    Manufactured to strict industry standards

    Improve sealing capability and simplify repairs with retrievable gas lift valves. View

  • Conventional Gas Lift System
    Conventional Gas Lift Valves
    Economical options for land wells

    Maximize production in shallow land wells, wells with small tubulars, and wells with predictable reservoir conditions. View


Simplify selection of ESPs and gas lift systems.

The DesignRite artificial lift design and optimization software simplifies the process of selecting an electric submersible pump (ESP) or gas lift system with step-by-step workflows that analyze and size entire systems.

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