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Retrievable Gas Lift Valves

Versatile designs for high-performance applications

Perforated Gas Lift

Extend gas lift run life and economics

Part of Camco gas lift systems, retrievable gas lift equipment is one of the industry's most widely recognized time-tested products and includes injection-pressure-operated (IPO) and production-pressure-operated (PPO) gas lift valves and pilot-operated and single-point-injection gas lift orifice valves. Our offerings include options that are suitable for continuous or intermittent production or both. Schlumberger also provides equalizing and nonequalizing dummy valves, shear valves, circulating valves, chemical injection valves, and waterflood flow regulators.

All Camco retrievable gas lift valves are manufactured to strict industry standards and come in a variety of port sizes to offer a wide range of selected injection volumes and flow rates. Most Camco gas lift valves feature floating valve seats to facilitate changing the choke size in a stock valve, which

  • improves sealing capability
  • makes manufacturing more economical
  • makes repairs easier.
Retrievable Valves

Retrievable gas lift valves provide a cost-effective edge to help maximize production and revenue in a competitive and demanding market.

Barrier Gas Lift Valves
Barrier Series gas lift systems extend the capabilities and range of existing gas lift systems to even the most challenging environments.

Enhance existing gas lift applications

Especially suited for high-pressure, deepwater, and subsea installations, the Barrier Series gas lift systems lower costs and downtime by improving the pressure integrity of the entire wellbore environment.


  • Reduced downtime by eliminating the need for annulus fluid unloading following typical slickline operations
  • Extended capability of conventional gas lift systems through a field-proven, dual-pocket configuration with a dual-inline, redundant, leak-tight seal
  • Improved lift efficiency by optimizing gas flow geometry through the barrier mandrel and valves—eliminating tortuosity to ensure minimum pressure drops across the system

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