Subsurface modeling & evaluation

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Subsurface modeling and evaluation

Choose intelligent software for deeper insight and greater impact

Tapping into the energy beneath Earth’s surface is no small task. But as a leader in geothermal around the world, SLB has the capabilities and know-how to deliver complete modeling and evaluation solutions.

SLB’s digital platforms and equipment are made to optimize your geothermal project. We create detailed, data-based conceptual models to improve well targeting. And with innovative simulators, we’ll build a complete view of your reservoir, so you can develop your operations with confidence.

Our products and services

  • Petrel E&P Software Platform
    subsurface software

    Enable discipline experts to work together and make the best possible decisions—from exploration to production. View

  • ECLIPSE Industry-Reference Reservoir Simulator

    Industry-reference reservoir simulator for black oil, compositional, thermal, and streamline reservoir simulation. View

  • INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator
    high-resolution reservoir simulator

    Industry-standard simulator for ever faster high-resolution reservoir simulation with unrivaled quality. View

  • VISAGE Finite-Element Geomechanics Simulator
    finite-element geomechanics simulator

    Better understand geomechanical risks and optimize production. View

  •  OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator
    dynamic multiphase flow simulator

    Use the industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation. View

  •  DELFI Cognitive E&P Environment
    Digital platform

    Unite planning and operations in a multidimensional environment. View

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