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Side Pocket Mandrels

Reliable gas lift with flexibility for the future

Perforated Gas Lift
Suited for 1- or 1.5-in [25.4- or 38.1-mm] valves
Internal pressure tested from 5,700 to 13,000 psi
Standard and premium material options, including 4130 alloy steel, 410SS, 13Cr, S13Cr, and INCONEL 925 and 718
Manufacturing facility certification to ISO 9001 and API Spec Q1 and license for the API Monogram Program for Spec 19G1 and 19G2 in all grades

Optimize gas lift operations while minimizing cost

Maximize production and revenue while minimizing or eliminating costly workovers with Schlumberger side pocket mandrels (SPMs). Side pocket mandrels are completion components that house gas lift valves and other devices that communicate with the annulus.

These mandrels enable rapid retrieval and replacement of the gas lift valves without having to pull the tubing, making them essential in wells with highly variable production or where tubing retrieval would compromise well economics.

Improve production flexibility

Our SPMs are manufactured to the strictest industry standards, and a complete line of types and sizes is available to accommodate a multitude of completions and gas lift configurations. These SPMs can be used with a wide variety of Camco retrievable gas lift valves and flow control devices to offer complete life-of-the-well design flexibility.

Expanding on the innovative and industry-original SPM design, the G-series mandrels have an orienting sleeve, tool discriminator, and solid pocket that can be forged or machined. For a single well or an entire field, Schlumberger side pocket mandrels provide a cost-effective edge to help operators maximize production and revenue in a competitive and demanding market.

Side Pocket Madrel
Suited for high-pressure, deepwater, and subsea installations, the unit lowers costs and downtime by improving the pressure integrity of the upper-completion wellbore environment.

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