MMRG Series Side Pocket Mandrels | SLB

MMRG Series Side Pocket Mandrels

Premium side pocket mandrels for 1.5-in valves

Perforated Gas Lift
Tubing sizes: 2.875 to 7 in [73.0–177.8 mm]
Internal pressure tested: 5,700–10,000 psi [39.3–68.9 MPa]
Optional compliance with NACE Standard MR0175 for stress-cracking-resistant metallic materials

Minimize opportunity for hang-up during slickline operations

Camco gas lift MMRG series side pocket mandrels are made up as part of the tubing string when preparing a well for gas lift production, chemical injection, waterflood, or other special applications. MMRG mandrels are designed with a round body construction and are available in a variety of tubing sizes and connection thread types. They incorporate all the standard design features of Camco side pocket mandrels.

MMRG mandrels feature an integral, one-piece pocket and tool discriminator that keeps larger slickline tools from entering the pocket area while guiding the smaller side pocket devices into the pocket. An orienting sleeve helps ensure precise alignment of positive kickover tools in highly deviated wells.

Optimize production with unique design features

Optimize production with mandrel variations configured for specific applications.

  • The ends of the mandrel are lengthened in the MMRG-4 series to accommodate the remachining of connecting threads.
  • The MMRG-5 series has integral guard devices to protect chemical injection conduits being run simultaneously with the mandrel.
  • The MMRG-LTS series leaves the annulus free for other production uses.