KBG Series Side Pocket Mandrels

Premium side pocket mandrels for 1-in valves

Perforated Gas Lift
Tubing sizes: 2.875–4.5 in [73–114.3 mm]
Normal service—Internal pressure tested: 6,616–13,000 psi [45.6–89.6 MPa]
Corrosive service—Internal pressure tested: 11,000–12,000 psi [75.8–82.7 MPa]
Optional compliance with NACE Standard MR0175 for stress-cracking-resistant metallic materials

Enable precise alignment and insertion of side pocket devices

Our line of Camco gas lift KBG mandrels incorporate an integral, one-piece pocket and tool discriminator and an orienting sleeve for positive kickover tool alignment in highly deviated wells. The tool discriminator excludes larger slickline tools from the pocket area. These mandrels are available in a variety of tubing connection sizes and incorporate all the standard design features of Camco side pocket mandrels.

KBG mandrels have design variations tailored to specific production applications and are available in a wide range of sizes. KBG-2 series mandrel has a slightly reduced OD and a fully open ID designed for heavyweight tubing. KBG series side pocket mandrels are available in a range of fully traceable materials and can be heat treated to comply with NACE Specification MR0175 for stress-cracking-resistant metallic materials.

KGB Series Side Pocket Mandrel